A word from the Founder Dr Gert van Wyngaard​

We are servants, called to serve the Body of Christ and to take the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth, an impossible task with man but with God nothing is impossible.

When ask about himself he would answer. I’m a perfect example of a sinner saved by Grace, I do not deserve the Power of God that is upon my life. It took an audible voice from Heaven uttering these words, “For three years I looked for fruit but found none, look the axe is at the root cut him out” and then another spoke and said “Let me fertilize him and give him one year, if there is still no fruit we cut him out”. Jesus ask in my stead for me to be granted another chance, I owe my life to Him. I do not deserve the anointing He placed upon me and our team but are thankful for allowing us to equipt His body and the opportunity to reach out to the lost, those He love and paid for with His own blood.